Connecting people through music with a retro branding.

Two guys came into our office one day with the idea to connect Indie artists with labels in a new and interactive way, keeping the focus on the modern interaction of swipe. And the result was beyond the brief. Instead of just making it a platform for artists, we designed a platform to connect two people with the same taste in music. Just like how we all use LinkedIn for business, Twitter for tweeting, and Tinder for dating, there was a void when it came to connecting over shared music tastes. Indeez is an unparalleled music app that focuses on connecting people through music. Around the world, we listen to music from different genres, but it feels even more amazing when you can connect with someone you can jam with.

Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
UX + Visual Design

A brand with a distinctly innovative notion - yes, but the visual ingredient was missing in Indeez. That is where we stepped in, creating a holistic identity for that is modern, dynamic and edgy. Considering their references, we defined the brand’s goal and vision, visually and creating a language around them.

We solved the issue of Indeez’s lack of visual identity by dexterously building an entire visual language just around its logo- in terms of colour, typography and brand messaging. The two e’s in Indeez represent the oppositional identities of Indie and mainstream music. They oppose each other, communicating the path to challenge the status quo.

Taking inspiration from retro aesthetics, the design treatments followed are DIY, bright and warm palette for a celebratory mood and simple geometrical patterns with minimalistic illustrations for a much more modern outlook. 

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