Miracle IVF

The client was a fertility expert who wanted to start her own IVF and fertility hospital. But she did not know how to turn it into a brand. She approached Mellow Designs, giving us full creative freedom for naming, branding, and advertising. While it needed to look modern, while still sporting an aesthetic that looked ‘down to earth’ so as to not come off as an expensive centre.

Brand Strategy
Brand messaging
Art Direction
Packaging Design

After weeks of ideation and iteration, we were able to christen it with a name that resonates with people for an IVF and fertility hospital. Some couples find conceiving through IVF a miracle, which is why we decided that it was the perfect name for the brand. That is how Miracle IVF came to be.​

The logo was inspired by the essence of an IVF treatment- the union of a sperm and an egg. With a simplistic brand language, two essential colours, and pleasing visuals, we created an aesthetic that was harmonious with the purpose of the brand. 

We designed the signboard, hoardings and interiors along with the stationery to complete the experience.

Miracle IVF Hospital wanted to position themselves as a source of hope for trying parents. So, with assuring language and soothing visuals, we designed the commercial ads that were placed on hoardings and social media.

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