Building a sustainable lifestyle brand from scratch

People have become more conscious about what they wear. Within the sustainable world, Organic Symmetry came up with the idea of making garments made from the earth that go back to earth. The challenge was to carve a place for themselves in this highly competitive industry with an aesthetic that is unique but also stands with the brand’s ethos. They wanted a visual identity and complete communicative assets to shape the brand.

Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
Art Direction
Packaging Design

Influenced by Organic Symmetry’s affinity for creating a balance between fast and slow fashion, the logo represents our interpretation of the ying-yang theory, which again talks about the equilibrium of life.

Mellow narrated the story of what Organic Symmetry stands for and how it does what it does. The brand’s mission is to break through the idea that sustainability is boring and instead make it more playful, cool and fresh. Our focus was to make Organic Symmetry and its sustainable aspect more trendy and massy.

The website was designed with contemporary and static fonts that lent it a stylised language; rather than creating an e-commerce website, we created a digital aesthetic experience.

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