When it was just a dream

Rohit used to be a freelance artist studying at Chitrakala Parishat, eager to discover his destiny. A question always nagged his mind - what is a brand? Is it an identity? A product? A feeling? A community? Or an experience?

In his quest to get the answers , he worked at a digital marketing firm for a year at time when agencies were booming in India. But he knew something was missing. A sense of originality. This led him to start his own design studio that stands out from the crowd.

Crafting brands that spark emotions

Mellow was founded on the idea that we need to slow down and take a moment to look at what a brand’s core purpose is, and how we can design an experience around it.

Great design has the power to take brands into a new world of opportunities. The secret sauce for brands to thrive on its own in the vast ocean of creative freedom.

A journey, full of surprises

During a calm night in 2018, post their usual meetup at Tata Cha, Rohit and Lilian went over to a friend’s place to unwind. Hours were spent on brainstorming a name for Rohit’s dream studio. He then asked Lilian to play something "mellow" to vibe to. That was their eureka moment. Mellow. A feeling. It fills you with a calm sense of euphoria, like a gentle breeze.That exactly represented Rohit’s philosophy of design. He wasted no time and officially registered Mellow the very next day.

A couple of months later, he set up his studio. His friend Anisha joined in as an account manager and took care of the business part. Mellow slowly became a haven where aspiring artists and designers could create the best version of themselves. Of course, the road forward had its bumps, but Rohit’s belief never came to a halt.​Starting from a team of just 2, Mellow has now grown to a family of 20+ young, curious and vibrant minds. They say good things take time, but in our case, it took us only 2 years to partner with Fortune 1000 companies. Since then, we have closely worked with over 50+ brands across the globe like Titan, Gold’s Gym, Puravankara, Quess and Zoomcar.

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