Brillio wanted to market this new AI product globally at various tech expos called The challenge was to convey its product in two different ways. At a surface level, they wanted a video to translate what they offer in layman's terms while also focusing on their primary product, AI ops. At its launch, they wanted to delve deeper into the concept of

Motion Design
Art Direction

Mellow Designs conceptualised their technical product into a much simpler script. We also simplified the visual aspect of the script by introducing an aesthetic feel so that it does not feel too jargon-heavy. For this, we created 3D assets to impart a futuristic look to the video. The first video talked in more layman's terms about the problem that addresses.

The second video visually explained's leading service, Brillio Ops. It targeted the tech companies or executives who decided on the kind of technology their organisation would use. The video had a 2D motion graphic format, and we treated it more aesthetically. We also gave a detailed explanation of Brillio's product and how it helps micromanage the recurrent problems on other tech platforms.

The third video created by Mellow Designs was a keynote video for ET's digital expo. We translated the speech into a visual narration that goes hand in hand. We used motion graphics and added them to the video so that customers understood it better. It also made the video much more dynamic. 

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