Top 5 Marketing Trends That Will Transform Your Marketing Strategy Today

Welcome back! Thank god it’s Friday, am I right? Hopefully, the week has been great for all of you, and you’re ready to get in on the fun i.e., learn some marketing tips that we have in store for you today! On our For-The-Future-Fridays, we bring you design tips and hacks - it doesn't matter if you’re a beginner or a pro because these tips are sure to add value to your creative stance. So, strap in!

Let’s discuss marketing! Marketing in itself is such a vast topic to explore, there are countless routes one can take to create a marketing experience like no other. But hold on, in a world that has gone completely digital in the span of just a year and a half, how does one bring that personal touch to their audience? Worry not! We have it all on a platter for you. So let’s wait no longer and jump right into the topic - Mellow’s top 5 marketing tips and trends to transform your marketing strategy.

1. Create an Experience, Make it a Video!

Our first point is all about visuals! Most companies already use video marketing to display their work, in fact, a recent statistic shows that a total of 9 out of 10 companies display their content in video format. But why videos? It’s because most people understand visual content better than reading them. As per research, 90% of the information transmitted in your brain is visual. The combination of audio and visual support goes a long way in adding a personal touch to your brand. In 2022, video marketing is expected to be the next big thing that will create an impression and leave a mark.

Couples Using Mobile - Mellow Designs

There are numerous ways in which you can incorporate video marketing. Create a visual representation for your written content, be it blogs and articles or stories and poems, make sure there’s a graphical version of it available. You can also conduct interviews with customers or create a process documentation of your work in progress leading up to the final outcome.

2. Personalise Your Emails

Next we have our emails! While it may seem like emails are already as personal as it gets when interacting with customers, here’s how to take it one step further. Customise your emails to specific audience clusters and give them relevant and informative content about your brand. Most times, when an email is sent off in bulk circulation, it can be frustrating to the receiver when the content is absolutely irrelevant to them. So make sure that you know exactly what service you can provide to that particular audience and send them a detailed description of your services.

Remember to add a call to action button so that one can interact with your email. To be able to split your customer base, try to create different personas of your target audience and work from there when sending your emails.

3. Sustainability, the only way forward

It is no secret that the current generation is worried sick about the disastrous environmental changes that are predicted to be approaching soon. The people of generations to come and generations ahead of the current have also caught on to this issue. So, it goes without saying that most consumers, an estimate of 81% consumers, want to make sure that the brand they are giving their money to has the same ideals. If you’re a brand that follows sustainable practices, broadcast it to the world. Post actively on social media about your sustainable practices, start conversations or even a podcast about the same if you want to.

Plant in a Hand - Mellow Designs

If you’re a brand that has not yet started it’s sustainable practices, find ways to incorporate sustainability into your brand. This won’t just help you as a brand in attracting more customers but will also help the environment and the world at large. The way we see it, it’s a win-win for all of us.

4. Ad-Blockers, aka save your brand!

Point number four is out with the old and in with the trends. It means no more display ads on websites. To figure out how much damage these ad blockers are to your displayed ads on sites, run a quick analysis and get an understanding. If ad blockers are ruining the effort you’re putting into displaying ads to your target audience then it’s time to move on. Don’t try to change this strategy and work hard on fine-tuning it because that’s a waste of time. Instead, switch modes of displaying your ads.

Look into the prospect of influencer marketing because this is the new up and coming trend and if your audience is on the younger side, this is the best way to capture their attention. The age of displaying ads on websites has come and gone. What is trending right now is sponsored content and influencer marketing, use all of this to your advantage.

5. Make your content interactive

Our final point and arguably the most important is to make your content interactive. This point seems like an obvious one, we get it, but there's more to it! Though making your content interactive has been a way to capture your audience and understand them better, the process has never been this easy. You can use polls, questionnaires, quizzes, giveaways, contests, the list just goes on.

Be smart and make sure that your audience is interacting with whatever you put up.

This works great to get information about what your audience wants and needs. They also feel better about the fact that they are being heard and seen. So point number 5 is truly a versatile tip!

That’s all for today folks, a marketing strategy fit for what’s left of 2021 and to gently ease you into the coming year. Keep all these points in mind the next time you want to launch a marketing strategy and we’re sure it will do wonders for your brand. So before we say goodbye for the weekend, learning from point 5, we’d like to ask you to comment below if this blog helped you or if you have any other marketing strategies up your sleeve that you’d like to share with us!


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