5 Stunning Fonts that Made History

Today, on the day that we celebrate putting pen to paper, Mellow takes its own funky turn as we go digital! Happy world calligraphy day to everyone out there and welcome to our - what’s up Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, we discuss what’s trending, and concepts that came to fruition and made history, we ask the world what’s up and that brings us to the topic of the day – Calligraphy. In this digital age, why bother with pen and paper when we have at our disposal a world of fonts and typography to explore? Most designers have a secret stash of fonts they love to use and most of us understand the importance of typography in good design. However, a common problem we face as a community is selecting that perfect fit in a sea of options, it's enough to spend days mulling over.

Font Style - Mellow Designs

Today, we delve head-on into the world of fonts and pay homage to calligraphy in our own special way. We take a look at some fonts that have created a lasting image in our memory through famous logos. Feel free to use this list as a reference for the next time you’re creating something using fonts.

1. Calligraphy but Make it Digital

The first on the list of our top 5 fonts is the Spencerian Script font. Close your eyes and picture the iconic Coca-Cola logo. Yes! This is exactly where you might have seen this font earlier. Plastered across signboards and hoardings, the legendary swooshes and swirls of the Coca-Cola logo were created in 1886 by Frank Mason Robinson.

Coca-Cola Logo

Spencerian Script Font Style

The Spencerian Script font used to craft this logo was initially created to replicate the 19th-century writing style, back when cursive was mandatory in schools. This font is literally calligraphy but digital! It is a mix of thin and thick strokes and can be used in wedding invitations, greeting cards, headlines and certificates. Transport yourself to the past, the era of sending letters back and forth, whenever you use this font.

2. Versatility at its Best

The next font on our list has been used in countless logos over time. It is extremely versatile and can be used in many shapes and sizes and the possibilities are endless. If you guessed Futura then you are absolutely right! Where might you have seen it? Think of Calvin Klein and Alfa Romeo - one a clothing brand and the other a luxury car brand. Both use the Futura font in their logo. Though Calvin Klein opted to use Futura light while Alfa Romeo went in the direction of Futura Bold, the font family remains the same.

ck Calvin Klein Logo - Mellow Designs
Calvin Klein logo

Alfa Romeo Logo - Mellow Designs
Alfa Romeo


Futura Font Style - Mellow Designs
Futura Font Style

But hold on, it is not just these companies that picked Futura to represent them, some others include – Cisco, Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Domino's Pizza and Redbull. Phew, it seems like companies just can’t get enough of its versatility! While downloading this font on Google fonts, you will have the opportunity to choose between a bold, semi-bold, an oblique, a condensed light, light, black, classic, maxi, and the list goes on. Ahhh now we know why so many companies jumped on the Futura bandwagon! Nevertheless, the font works great for blocks of text as well as headings and logos, so go wild!

3. Transform Any Boring Document Here on Out

Our third font was designed in 1957 by Max Meidinger and Eduard Hoffmann, two swiss type designers. This font is easily any designer's go-to safe space in the world of typography. It is - Helvetica! Be it a headline or a paragraph, it fits seamlessly everywhere as it is easy to read, simple and classic. This is exactly why so many companies have chosen to go the Helvetica way with their logos. Some of these companies are – Microsoft, Skype, Panasonic, Harley Davidson, 3M, Target and Nestle.

Microsoft Logo - Mellow Designs
Microsoft Logo
3M Logo - Mellow Designs
3M logo

Helvetica Font Style - Mellow Designs
Helvetica Font Style

Helvetica has created a name for itself in every field, right from the automobile industry to chain stores. Next time, be sure to observe certain similarities you would have initially ignored when you come across these logos and you will be pleasantly surprised. So if you’re submitting a report or any other document for that matter, don’t be shy to try out the Helvetica font!

4. A Font Fit for Screens

Number 4 on our list has made a mark for itself subtly in the digital world, on screens all around us. Try to picture the Spotify logo or the Bosch logo. This is where you have seen the Proxima Nova font before. Proxima Nova was developed in 2000 by Mark Simonson and is available for use on adobe fonts. It is a family of over 144 styles and is the perfect font for screens. A recent estimation shows that over 25,000 websites use Proxima Nova as part of their website design because of its trendy features and flexibility.

Spotify Logo - Mellow Designs
Spotify logo
Proxima Nova Font Style - Mellow Design
Proxima Nova Font Style

Proxima Nova is the culmination of two fonts - Futura and Akziensk Grotesk. The font is geometric in appearance and is considered a complete rework of the famous and well-known Proxima Sans.

5. With a Basic Font, We Shall Overcome

Our final item on the list is the simplest one you can imagine. It is Myriad Pro SemiBold and this is the font used in the Adobe logo. Though simple, its elegant stance makes it a must-use if you are ever stuck or unsure of your font choice. The initial Adobe logo which was black in colour used the Myriad Pro SemiBold. It wasn’t until 2020 that the logo was revamped and changed to an all-red type in the typeface of the company – Adobe Clean. Myriad Pro SemiBold had a strong run for over 20 years and is still the one we’d recommend to you today. Besides, if you look closely at the two fonts, the similarities are endless!

Adobe Logo - Mellow Designs
Adobe logo
Myriad Pro Semibold Font Style - Mellow Designs
Myriad Pro SemiBold Font Style

And with that last one, we come to the end of our list of top 5 famous fonts. Remember, what truly creates the difference between a good and bad design is knowing how to have fun and play around with typography. An explorative journey that is sure to have numerous rewarding milestones! If you’re ever having a creative block, take inspiration from these 5 fonts that are versatile through and through. Happy creating and may your process be filled with learning! Make sure you leave a comment below and tell us what font you enjoy using that helped you out of a tough spot.

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