7 Positive Traits of a Non-Toxic Work Culture & How it Makes Your Life Easier

It is all about the VIBE - that's exactly what most millennials love to say about their jobs in the present day. Considering its virtue, a job is not always a pleasurable pursuit as working day in and day out with all the stress involved to get an inch closer to your dream career can be stressful. While each individual spends a large portion of their life at work, it is necessary to form a balance between life inside and outside the office. Therefore, it is categorical that a great workplace that is positive and motivating for an individual's success and the company's overall success.

Whether you decide to accept a job offer in a new organization or you are a fresher looking for a job, one of the most crucial parts of your professional life is positive work culture. As mentioned earlier, the "vibe" inside the workplace will either make or break job satisfaction and experience and result in a long-term association.

That being said, here are some characteristics that determine and reflect the framework of good company culture:

Higher Employee Turnover

Employees Working in Office - Mellow Designs

A workplace with long-term employees highlights good company culture. In simpler terms, engaged and satisfied employees who are provided with ongoing opportunities and scope of work and growth tend to stick to the organization. Hence, if you are going through an interview phase, ask your HR or representative from Operations how long other employees have worked in the company. Besides, if you have newly joined the company, ask your new colleagues when they joined the organization and what is the retention.

Forging Genuine Relationships

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A 9 to 5 job can become your second home over a specific period. As you spend most of your time in life at a job, it is essential to create healthy and genuine relationships with your co-workers. A non-toxic workplace is a perfect epicentre for breeding true friendships. When employees choose to spend time with their team members, even outside of the workplace, you can expect that the professional setup will turn out very positive and exciting.  

Workplace Engagement

Employees Engage in Work - Mellow Designs

A great workplace believes in supporting inclusion and offers positive, fun ways for its associates to get together for professional and personal development activities, both within and after regular working hours. Apart from that, the success of a company's culture is showcased in each member's level of commitment and involvement. For example, suppose the workplace is hosting a charity event on weekends, and almost everyone in the company participates willingly. In that case, you can contemplate that the employees feel engaged and satisfied to be there.

Clarity in Communication

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Transparency is yet another significant aspect of a non-toxic work environment. Secrecy or a lack of communication across all levels can create a culture of uncertainty and insecurity in the workplace. Companies with positive cultures focus on a philosophy of transparency and clarity in communication to ensure that everyone from top to bottom of the organization feels the importance of their position and understands what the company has planned for them.

Manifesting Missions and Values

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Creating or having a non-toxic workplace culture does not happen overnight. It all goes down to the basics, as positivity needs to be articulated and manifested throughout the company. Only then it can be exhibited by the top brass and employees at each level. The significant and positive culture of a company lays down what everyone at the workplace knows by heart. These objectives and visions are accessible and framed in all of the organization's internal and external communications.

Demographic Diversity

Demographic Workplace - Mellow Designs

If everyone in a workplace reflects the same demographic fit, it cannot be considered a sign of a non-toxic environment. Positive work cultures and organizations always believe in embracing demographic and geographic diversity when it comes to their hiring and recruitment policies. Employee background should reflect diversity in thoughts, diversity in approaches and diversity in engagement.

Comfortable Workspaces

Comfortable Workspace - Mellow Designs

An absolute no-brainer - the physical environment defines how long employees can feel great about their office, job and employer. A comfortable workplace with all the essential perks and amenities showcases that the management cares about its employees and it helps in significantly boosting their morale. Ask your potential employer about the flexibility of your role, such as remote working, free cafeteria, stipends for supplies, prominent office location or spaces, etc.

To Conclude

A non-toxic work culture makes your life easier as you will feel valued and heard in the organization. All our associates at Mellow Designs find equal opportunities for growth, advancement, promotion, and learning. After all, a positive work culture with solid infrastructure spearheaded by employee growth and support validates their commitment to the personal development of each associate in the organization and builds a strong sense of employee engagement and professional community culture.

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