AdTech & MarTech: Metaverse in Marketing Application

Dhruvee Shah
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When big shots like Mark Zuckerburg and Satya Nadela started talking about metaverse, we knew it would change the dynamics of the digital world from how we know it today. In this blog, we will understand what is metaverse and how can brands market in this realm of the digital world. But before we dive into marketing in the metaverse, let's look at AdTech & MarTech, which are fundamental concepts to understand for marketing.

What is AdTech?

The phrase "advertising technology" or "AdTech," refers to a broad category of tools and software marketers use to target consumers, carry out, and track their digital advertising campaigns. AdTech broadly refers to the platforms that display advertisements to users. Direct communication to customers is made more accessible with the use of AdTech. It is often targeted toward major publications, media or agencies. 

The need to invent AdTech arose as buying and selling in the digital world became increasingly difficult and more complex. AdTech came up to simplify it through digital advertisements. Common AdTech tools, including demand-side platforms, allow advertisers to choose audiences and buy impressions across various publisher websites. AdTech has enabled advertisers and agencies to manage integrated campaigns successfully. Additionally, it allows businesses to optimise their return on investment (ROI) from digital advertising and make the most excellent use of their money. In the end, the AdTech environment allows marketers to plan and enhance their marketing initiatives strategically.

AdTech examples include:

  • Banners on digital platforms
  • Servers, networks, and ad exchanges
  • DSPs: Customers can place bids on ad inventory using demand-side platforms (DSPs)
  • SSPs: These enable publishers to market their ad inventory

What is MarTech?

MarTech refers to the software that marketers employ to maximise their marketing initiatives and meet their goals. It uses technology to organise, carry out, and evaluate marketing campaigns and other strategies. In essence, it can make the duties of marketers simpler.

When individuals use the term "MarTech," they refer to the tools they employ to carry out digital marketing tactics. MarTech assists in developing, evaluating, evaluating, and managing marketing programmes.

MarTech examples include:

  • CRM applications
  • platforms for content marketing
  • Software for email marketing
  • Social media management applications
  • Digital analytics tools

What Is Metaverse?

Now, another important concept in today's (digital) world is metaverse. It is a reasonably complicated concept to understand in one go, and we will try to simplify it for you. So metaverse means that users can immerse themselves in an online digital realm with the help of features like virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). Users build avatars that roam a 3D world in the metaverse where they may interact with people and their surroundings.

Technology has been developing and changing quickly, while unimaginable innovations are now becoming a reality. The metaverse, an original, immersive virtual space rapidly consuming the internet, is one of these marvels for many individuals. Over the past few months, the metaverse has attracted a lot of attention. Let's throw some light on what it would metaverse would mean for marketing applications.

Facebook (now Meta) defined the metaverse in a press release as

The "metaverse" is a set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who aren't in the same physical space as you. You'll be able to hang out with friends, work, play, learn, shop, create and more. It's not necessarily about spending more time online — it's about making the time you do spend online more meaningful.

A Closer Look at Metaverse Marketing

Digital marketers or digital marketing agencies must match their steps with new and changing technological advancements. It entails realising the possibilities and potential of the metaverse. Marketers need to be aware that the metaverse is more than just a passing phenomenon; it is here to stay and is vying to become the next great thing.

How should you change your marketing strategy as the metaverse grows?

First, marketers must remember how valuable millennials and Gen Z consumers are as a target market. These generations can be game changers as they are also ardent consumers of several types of metaverses, like VR and games. So, it would be best to analyse how marketing may be done in the metaverse keeping the above thought in mind.

But how to make the most of metaverse in marketing?

Go For An Immersive Experience

In the metaverse, you may provide virtual advertising services. Capitalising on metaverses' sensory and immersive character is advisable to offer the same immersive experience in your marketing and advertising campaigns. Instead of merely posting conventional advertising, provide interactive brand installations and events.

Interact In Current Communities

People in general dislike advertising. Therefore, if you want to establish yourself in the metaverse, your first approach should target those already present in it. Additionally, since you'll be attempting to sell to these users, you'll need their good reaction.

Trial & Error Method: Keep Experimenting

For marketers, it's a thrilling moment. Although certain fundamental principles might guide the kind of strategies and approaches marketers can use, the metaverse is still a relatively untested platform that allows much space for experimentation. Paradigms haven't been totally and thoroughly developed, and best practices haven't been built in the right way. As a result, there is ample opportunity for marketers to try out novel and innovative strategies.

Replicate Real-World Marketing In Metaverse Marketing

Create marketing campaigns that relate to or match your brand's work already accomplished in the real world.

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