Designing Brand Identity How to Do it and Why it Matters

Dhruvee Shah
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Imagine any popular brand that you are familiar with and enjoy. What immediately catches your attention? Is it their brand, their most recent Instagram post, or what you bought from them? It doesn't matter what you're picturing; what matters is how it makes you feel.

Strong brands are adept at conveying the appropriate message to their target market. How do they achieve this? Let's talk about brand identity or how a company portrays itself to the public.

What is business logo design and what is it important?

Brand identity is known as the overall textual and visual language your company employs to communicate with the outside world. Your identity is the basis for all branding decisions through careful and considered design choices combined with concise purpose and vision statements. This includes:

  • Logo
  • Colours
  • Tone of voice
  • Brand name
  • Typography
  • Imagery

Each of these concrete components adds to the whole and directly affects how people see your brand. Your company's brand identification helps you stand out in the marketplace and allows people to recognise your company. It might be the decisive factor between rivals for both new and repeat clients. A strong brand identity fosters brand loyalty and trust and ultimately affects your customers' feelings about your company.


The first brand on our list is Headspace, the app for meditation. This app has a happy colour scheme that makes people happy (and delivers on the mission of their meditation app: less stress, more joy). Of course, the brand carries over to its website, app, and even Instagram. With motivational phrases and endearingly designed characters, they provide a seamless experience across all material.


The branding of Airbnb is all about leading an active life, just like their service. They promote living life to the fullest and using Airbnb to do it by using people-focused graphics and a solid pink logo.


The brand visual identity of Uber is also commendable, and the brand seems to have worked well on its brand identity. There are nine key components that makeup Uber's brand identity. Each component was selected to make it simple to digitally and physically represent the brand.

The company's primary objective was to establish a name and a visual identity that would enable it to produce multiple forms of brand material in a "globally consistent" manner. So that you can instantly recognise the brand whenever you see the Uber logo or use the app, wherever you may see it.


Brand identity also includes the creation of visual identities, particularly for sizable international organisations. We intended to create a Subway Visual Identity System example for this reason.

This visual identity, created by the Turner Duckworth creative firm, establishes a standard collection of graphics, artwork, and images that will be utilised throughout many of Subway's advertising campaigns, product packaging, and shops.

This visual identity system is the ideal illustration of how to give your brand's visual components a distinct identity. Remember that your brand identity extends to the stock photos you utilise in your website designs.


Reading "Coca-Cola" certainly brings to mind the satisfying sound of opening a cool can. Because they connect with their audience and make an impact, Coca-Cola is the industry leader in branding and product sales.

Coca-brand Cola's identity is not just based on the festive spirit. Coca-branding Cola focuses on emotion, connection, and a sense of belonging in every element. "Share A Coke," "Open Happiness," and "Taste the Feeling" are just a few of the brand's numerous effective advertising efforts. Even while each campaign has its own personality, they all reference the company's mission to "refresh the world and make a difference." 

Even their recognisable red and white emblem has endured over the years. It conveys a hand-drawn feeling using a traditional serif-script typeface, which makes the brand seem approachable. Coca-Cola continues cultivating brand loyalty from die-hard Coke lovers because of consistency, their instantly recognisable trademark colours, and their business logo design.


Spotify's visual design is quite understated for a company that prioritises music. The vibrant album covers played on the streaming platform take precedence over a subdued colour scheme of green, black, and white. The simple logo, which consists of three curving horizontal lines arranged in a circle, symbolises the flow and motion of sound. Its crookedness gives the brand a humanistic vibe if you look attentively. 

Spotify's effectiveness in maintaining consistency across platforms is due to the fact that users throughout the world utilise it on both mobile and desktop computers. The brand style guide for Spotify enables outside companies to build branded playlists that showcase their own identities while aesthetically seeming complementary to Spotify's brand. These playlists also have their own identity as brand assets. 


McDonald's, the American fast food restaurant company known for its hamburgers, fries, and the famous golden arches, must be included in our list of brand identity examples. Simplicity is the core of McDonald's brand identity, which is perhaps one of the most identifiable in the world.

McDonald's brand strategy is especially remarkable since it is tailored to its target market. Their target market is taken into account in every facet of their brand identification, from their packaging and logo to their overall brand message and tone. When you consider Happy Meals or amusing characters like Ronald McDonald and the Hamburgar, you can immediately see that McDonald's made these items with kids in mind.

Step inside any McDonald's, and you will get the same experience, regardless of your age or region. They are a reliable brand because of its solid products and constant aesthetic identity. In practically every nation, you can recognise a McDonald's right away. In order to be in constant alignment with their customers, wherever they may be, the company effectively incorporated ethnic cuisine and customised marketing methods.


The task of creating a business logo design and visual identity graphic design brand identity is a responsible task. At Mellow Designs, we develop a business logo design and visual identity graphic design that connects with your target demographic and will help your company stand out in the online marketplace.

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