The Chrome Extensions Guide For Designers - 2022 edition

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Designers must always keep an eye on utilities that will help them improve the content, prevent distractions and boost productivity. For most designers, Google Chrome browser extensions serve plenty of options to achieve this feat and everything within the space of their internet browser.

When it comes to Chrome extensions, the Google Chrome Web Store provides a wide range of design utilities that can help both amateur and seasoned designers work more smartly, safely and efficiently. If you are looking forward to improving your design skills and overall productivity for your next project in 2022, here is a blog with a comprehensive approach to Google Chrome extensions for designers.  

De-mystifying Google Chrome Extensions

Generally speaking, Google Chrome extensions allow you to boost your browser's functionality with the help of specific tools. You can install these extensions to transform the program's existing framework or add new features to make the browsing experience more convenient for you.

Chrome extensions can also help speed up the web browsing experience by preventing or blocking unnecessary ads. These programs are developed based on web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

How Chrome Extensions Help Designers?

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As a designer, you are almost always searching for the latest trends, tips, tricks, and tools to help boost productivity and improve our workflow. Adding extensions to your Chrome browser can mainly help you with:  

  • More Creative Options: You need Google Chrome extensions to improve creativity. These extensions offer innovative features that can boost your creativity skills and modify your design output. It allows you to select images from the web and leverage them in your designs.
  • Boosts Efficiency: The best part about using Chrome extensions for your designing input is that it automates some of your manual work, which helps in saving your valuable time so that you can brainstorm different innovative ideas. Some of the extensions enable you to add colours from other websites so that you can adapt, adjust and paste them into various programs.
  • Improved Deliverability: It goes without saying that time is a crucial element for a designer, and clients always request the work to be done as fast as possible, ensuring full quality. Thanks to the Chrome extensions, you can efficiently deliver the output before the deadline with better efficiency and creativity.

That being said, check out these Chrome extensions that can improve your designs and allow you to be at your most productive self:

Image Downloader

Image Downloader extension allows you to find and download images from the internet. You can install this Chrome extension to save multiple pictures at once and use it to explore images on a site's current homepage. Image Downloader also enables you to transport photos to a subfolder for your reference. You can also rename these subfolders for easy recognition in the future.

Window Resizer

If you are wondering how to resize your browser window, this Chrome extension is the ideal solution to your requirement. The Window Resizer extension allows you to browse through various screen resolutions and modify the height and width of a window. A perfect utility for both web developers and designers as it provides layouts on different browser resolutions where you can change the position of a window and even customize the preset icon.


Another important tool you add to your design inputs, Formplus, has more than 1000 templates to choose from. You can utilize this tool and the templates within to create forms of any kind and incorporate them into your designs.


One of the popular Chrome extensions, WhatFont, is exclusively made for designers and developers alike. This utility tool helps you identify the typeface when facing challenges in understanding the fonts used on a web page. All you need is to add this extension to your Chrome browser, which will inspect the fonts used for you by simply hovering over them.

SVG Grabber

Web designers are often required to grab the icons or logos on a page. The SVG Grabber web extension helps designers automatically pull all the SVGs available on the page with a single click of a button. It offers an end-to-end view of what is captured and enables you to save the ones you need quickly.


If you are facing issues in identifying what colour has been used on a page, then ColorZilla can easily solve the problem. Simply install the tool to your Chrome Extension and hover on the components of the page to identify the RGB and hex colour values used. In addition, you also use the extension to copy the values to your clipboard promptly.

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Concluding Thoughts

Granted the field of work, designers are almost always seeking new ideas, methods, tips, and of course, utilities to improve their workflow, boost productivity and enhance the quality of their output. Hopefully, the above-mentioned Google Chrome extensions will inspire you to build creative visuals for your next project. Keep visiting our blogs to learn more about such exciting concepts as we keep curating new and innovative design topics for you.

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