UI/UX Trends Popular In 2023: Best Practices You Should Follow

Abhishek V
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Design is the most important part of any brand. It needs to be attractive and unique to grab the eyes of potential customers. You need to ensure your website not only looks good but is also functional and has a smooth user experience. On the other hand, if you have a beautiful website but it crashes, glitches or hangs, you will lose the customers you attracted through your grand design. 

2022 has been a year of change when it comes to the digital marketplace, and the way brands put themselves out. 2023 can then be touted as the year to scale up the whole system and make it better. However, the trends keep changing every year. So, it is important that you stay updated with them as well and ensure you are relevant to the changing trends.

But what do UI UX services mean, and what do they entail?

UI or user interface is the layout of any digital product's visual and interactive components. UI encompasses software, mobile apps and websites. They make your website fun, easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing so that your users can have a smooth digital experience. The process of designing digital products with an emphasis on providing users with pleasurable and meaningful experiences is known as user experience design or UX design. This encompasses every facet of the product, from its overall structure and design to the particulars of how users engage with it.

Here is a look at the latest trends and best practices when it comes to UI UX services.

Facilitating Speedy Page Loading Time 

According to stats, if the loading time for your page increases from 1 to 3 seconds, the bounce rate also increases by 32%. This way, you will lose out a lot of potential customers. Therefore, your digital response should be properly optimised. The best way to do that is by working with video file formats, server stability, limiting the number of typefaces used and more. It will not only help your pages load faster but also enhance your user experience as well.

To increase mobile responsiveness, technologies such as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) can help you improve the loading speed. It achieves this through the use of unique HTML and CSS versions. However, to ensure that the user experience is not compromised along the way, you also need to work on it thus ensuring better conversion and retention.

Using AR And VR

Virtual and augmented reality are all the craze now and are one of the leading trends when it comes to the UX industry! They offer your users a better immersive experience and help them connect with your brand and, by extension, with you. AR or augmented reality offers real-world experiences with sounds and graphics. VR, or visual reality, on the other hand, simulates an environment using various technologies. Combining these two creates a unique customer experience that can be a game changer for your business. 

Implementing AI Technology

Another huge phenomenon in the digital world is AI. What started with Siri and Alexa has now progressed to ChatGPT, which is creating waves in the design industry. However, AI technology was already popular in the UX space, and a lot of designers have been using them to create colour palettes, draw fictional illustrations, and add, enhance or delete backgrounds, among others.

As of 2023, the role of AI tools will change vastly within areas such as user analysis and information architecture. You can even use it to identify best UX practices on the web and create several wireframes simultaneously. Not only will this save you a lot of time and energy, but it will also provide quick solutions to any subsequent problems.

Using Animated Illustrations

Illustrations have become quite popular in the last few years. However, animated illustrations are a new rage. They not only make your website look more human but also gives it a narrative quality that sits well with most users. You can also narrate your brand's journey, products, services and more. Not to mention, animations capture attention faster than static graphics.

Using 3D Graphics

Market trends show that 3D graphics will be huge in 2023. You can include tours, simulations, presentations and more to enhance your user experience. It also leads to user engagement using the principles of photorealism. Having 3D graphics also helps UX designers get the ideal balance between user navigation and readability. You can do this through background elements with 3D movement.

Having A Consistent Design

Consistent design patterns result in an intuitive user experience. Your product should have the same colours, typeface, and layout throughout. To achieve this, your product must have a standardised grid system, a cohesive colour scheme, and the same typeface and font size. Also, you should employ a standardised method when positioning menus, buttons, and links. The consistent design creates a strong visual identity for a product, helping to differentiate it from competitors. Also, it helps to build credibility and trust, both of which can improve how customers perceive your company and its offerings.

Using Immersive Scrolling

One of the important UI UX design trends to look out for in 2023 is immersive scrolling. It lets designers manage what and how content is displayed to users. Often, immersive scrolling entails presenting the user with content in a more organised and narrative manner. The user can interact favourably with the site thanks to the usage of well-placed animations and other captivating components. Instead of people frequently skipping the information before, it piques their interest and drives them to engage with it. Yet, businesses should tailor their immersive scrolling capabilities to match marketing and operational objectives when developing improved UI. Also, effort should be given to make sure it complements the brand.

Making Your Website Accessible

In order to make a product more accessible, considerations like culture, language, age, gender, and physical or mental capabilities are important. Since the attitude of inclusivity makes it possible for businesses to connect with their target audience, UI designers should consider their customers' distinctive characteristics. UI designers should consider which design aspects are inaccessible to particular user groups, such as colour blindness. Any product that wants to make access simpler and consumers' experience more comfortable must take the time to develop for a larger audience.

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