Video Marketing 101: A Guide for Business Growth

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If you own a business, having an online presence is the need of the hour. Strong content marketing has proven effective in communicating with your customers and improving engagement.

In the current sphere of online content marketing, the growing trends show that one of the most effective tools in your arsenal is video marketing. With the growth of technology, it is now easier to create and share video content. There is no longer a need for traditional recording equipment. In this blog post, we can take you through the basics of video marketing and why it may be your best bet.

What is video content marketing?

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Video Marketing is a marketing strategy that taps into the appeal of videos. It involves producing and sharing relevant video content with your customer base, both existing and potential. This may include traditional ad videos. But, in the recent years of the digital boom, it includes far more.

Marketing is the art of communicating effectively with your customers to meet their needs. It is goal-directed and strategic. So, what is a video content strategy? A good video marketing strategy rests on the nature of your product. It can include video ads, explainer videos, launch announcements, live streams and more.

For instance, check out this short video by Evernote:

In a short 2 minute video, the creators give you all you need to know about their product. It highlights the features of Evernote and creates a great marketing funnel. You can use videos to:

  • Increase awareness about your product
  • Educate your future customers by solving a real problem
  • Show them why you’re a better choice than your competition

With the easy accessibility of social media and video streaming sites, video marketing gives your brand a higher reach and engagement. Its focus is on creating video content that is useful, entertaining and interesting for your audience. The hope is to encourage them to engage with you further.

How much more effective is video marketing?

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Thanks to phone cameras anyone can now create a high-definition 4k video. There is no longer a need for expensive equipment and an elaborate video production studio. So naturally, you may wonder, how effective is video content in a cluttered web space?

According to research done by HubSpot, 54% of consumers look for videos from brands. Branded videos, including video ads, showed to be the most memorable form of marketing content. If you need an example, look at the recent video ads by Cred:

These video ads, go beyond simply promoting the product. These ads are enjoyable, informative and make the brand memorable. How often have we shared, or even brought these ads up in a conversation? Cred now has an undeniable brand recall.

A well-made video is a powerful tool that can reach a large audience. It helps humanize the brand and build trust. Based on the trends for 2021,

  • 95% of people use explainer videos to learn more about a product or service.
  • 81% of people chose to buy a product or service because of a brand’s video.

Brands that invested in video marketing saw a huge increase in conversion rates. This works well for both B2B and B2C brands. In fact, many reported a really good return on investments. At the very least, video ads are a great source of new leads to track.

How do I create video content for marketing?

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Whether you decide to shoot your video clips by yourself or approach a video production studio, video content relies on a good marketing strategy. It is important to know your audience. A strong video marketing strategy depends on two things:

  • The nature of your product.
  • The reason your consumers should choose it.

Like we said before, video marketing has a lot of appeal. Before you start filming, think about the types of videos you need. There is plenty to choose from.

Demo Video

These videos showcase your product and highlight your best features. Think of it as taking your consumer on a tour of your services.

Explainer Video

These videos are about problem-solving. Clearly, your product or business solution is a response to a real-world problem. Show your consumer why they need your product.

Brand Video

These are typically a part of ad campaigns. It is an ad video for your brand’s vision, mission, or products and services. It helps build awareness and create transparency around your brand. The goal here is to make your audience interested in your brand and its identity.

Live Streams

Live videos are, by far, the most engaging form of video content. Give the audience a special behind-the-scenes, sneak-peak into your company. Live interviews and presentations that go beyond the service you offer are an extremely effective form of video marketing. It helps humanize the brand and encourages your viewers to approach you with questions and feedback.

Event or Launch Announcement

These videos work like press releases. Keep your audience updated with the latest products and features that you release by sharing a small clip-on social media platforms. This is also a great way to raise awareness for any events or fundraisers you host.

Testimonial Video

One of the best ways to promote the effectiveness of your products is through the testimonials of your satisfied customers. Getting a direct account from real people of how your services helped. Besides these video marketing tactics, there is plenty to explore. As technology grows, so does the quality of video production and accessibility. It allows you to use video clips in new ways. For example, many companies now hire animators to create small video clips in response to FAQs and customer queries. m can boost brand awareness and even loyalty.

While a homegrown marketing strategy is effective, there is no doubt that sometimes we all need a little help. Video marketing strategy is a blend of creative and analytical talents. When in doubt, approach marketing experts and video production studios to build your content. Effective video marketing is a process, and we encourage you to always put your best foot forward.