Here's why Video Marketing Will Revolutionize Your Business

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Think about how much the digital space has changed within just the last 10 years. Our phones are getting smarter and the online social space is getting wider. Where video-sharing once involved burning CDs, now all it takes is a few simple clicks. One video can reach millions in a matter of hours. In the era of multimedia, it is important to remember the power of this medium. Video marketing is all about harnessing this power. Creating and sharing relevant video content for a customer base involves careful planning and unparalleled creativity. Needless to say, the video marketing boom has opened up a new arena for better marketing tactics. If the current trends are to be believed, the future is folded into this form of content.

Why video marketing is here to stay?

According to most online analysts, video marketing is one of the fastest-growing and sought out forms of marketing. These strategies are already showing incredible success rates with no signs of stopping. Basic psychology shows that people are more likely to engage with and remember audio-visual content over text: videos are simply more entertaining! They give you an incredible opportunity for storytelling that can spread your brand message. Multiple sources report that video marketing benefits your brand greatly. Let us tell you why you need to join this tide.

Videos Are Easy To Make And Accessible

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In a world of social media and video-sharing platforms, who can deny the appeal of video content? With apps like YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok literally at our fingertips, many brands are increasingly making their presence felt. Research conducted by HubSpot studied the current trends in content marketing. More than 50% of the participants reported that they preferred video marketing content to other forms. The same study showed that while YouTube was still the biggest video-sharing platform, Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram were not far behind. Many brands are choosing to share product launch videos, brand marketing videos, and other corporate videos on these sites. With the current growth of these social media platforms, do you expect a change in the trend? We don’t think so.

A Bigger Social Reach And Audience Engagement

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Video marketing is a two-way street. While it is impactful in sharing your message, well-crafted videos are often waiting to go viral. People are more likely to share videos than text posts. Not only that, your audience is more likely to comment, speculate and engage with your video content. Video marketing strategy is built to improve engagement. In fact, since YouTube kickstarted the careers of many independent content creators, brands have been collaborating and sponsoring their videos to improve consumer awareness and engagement. For instance, Audible, the online audiobook and podcast service routinely sponsors videos by both big and small book reviewers on YouTube. Instead of producing official corporate videos, these team-ups with influencers have made brands more in touch with their target audience.

As technology grows, and video content becomes even more within reach, these video marketing tactics are sure to see growth too.

Videos Humanize Your Brand And Promote Brand Recall

Effective marketing is about connecting and communicating with your consumers. While advertisement and corporate videos serve their purpose, video marketing strategy is crafted to take it a step forward. In a fast-paced digital world, every second counts. Videos can be a creative tool to capture your audience's attention and hold it. Videos can put a face to your brand. These videos are often created to spread a social message.

For example check out this 2017 video by Biba,

The video was created as a commentary on body positivity. It is creative and strikes a chord with your target audience. It helps to strengthen the brand’s message. More importantly, it is memorable. Investing in video marketing has more long-term benefits. Most experts report a higher ROI for video content than other forms of marketing.

Google Loves Videos

With an ever-changing algorithm, Google keeps marketing strategies in constant flux. By the trend, video content gives you a boost to your SEO ranking. Placing a video clip on your official landing page is a powerful tool in boosting your click rate. It improves your site’s dwell time and reduces bounce rate. This tells Google that people enjoy your site and improves your visibility. In addition, content like how-to videos, educational or informative clips, product launch videos, and demo videos are more likely to put you on the first page of the search engine. This change has been evident since the Google algorithm started pushing for mobile-friendly content and interface. Since videos can easily be played on any device, the audio-visual appeal gives this content quite an edge. People are more likely to click on a video link than on a textual post.

Is investing in Video Marketing worth it?

Simple answer: Yes!

Humans have always been storytellers. The medium of video content taps into this visceral spirit to make information easy to understand and enjoyable. In a globalized online marketspace, brands can use video marketing strategies to add a human touch to their persona.

Besides, if numbers are to be believed, the trajectory of the success rate for video content is ever increasing. The enduring quality of the content creates a more lasting impression and can be used and reused. Simply put, this is where you get your money’s worth!

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