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Challenge: A top real estate builder and developer approached us with a challenge to differentiate CoEvolve Florenza (Luxury and Eco-conscious homes) in a competitive Bangalore market. The brand wanted to generate excitement and trust among potential buyers. At the same time, we were also tasked with the challenge of positioning CoEvolve Florenza as a leader in transparency and sustainability. 

Approach: To develop marketing collaterals like ads & brochures that showcased the project's unique selling points, in different ways. The marketing brochure focused on clean and modern design aesthetics, reflecting the project's contemporary architecture. 

Thought Process: To highlight Coevolve's commitment to transparency and building trust, our ad communication leaned towards ‘Brave New Apartments’. To emphasize reliability and delivery timelines, we went with ‘The only project in Bangalore with Countdown to Handover’. We even incorporated visuals that emphasized the project's green spaces and community-focused amenities.

The result? We generated significant interest among potential buyers and successfully positioned Coevolve Florenza as a leader in transparency and sustainability within the Bangalore market.

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