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Sandalwood smell is a classic when it comes to incense, and the challenge was to reintroduce it in the market with a contemporary outlook. From setting a mood for a house party to creating a cozy vibe for the evening, the brand wanted to find its place to quietly nestle in. So they reached out to Mellow to help them reach a wider audience.

The brief for the packaging for Divine was to retain the brand's heritage but add a classy aesthetic. And to do it in a way that was new and kept pace with the modern-day design trends. Mellow went about the design process by introducing ornamental detail to various parts of the packaging. From the font to the art style used for icons, we ensured that each design component stayed true to Divine's ethos while still being fresh enough for the contemporary market.

With the rebranding, Divine re-entered households with a fresh approach that made it fit for spaces that were alien to it.

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