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The brand, Tova, had an excellent recipe for infused waters, but their way of communicating with their customers was backdated. So, we thought of playing with minimalism to give their business and product a modern outlook to attract the young crowd. The idea was to focus on the typography and the product ingredients-the two USPs of the brand. We made the packaging transparent at the front so that when someone picks up the bottle, they feel the infused ingredients are in the drink. On the other hand, we blocked the label system from the back so that it does not create reflections or distract the customers.

We created a modern aesthetic with the logo and used the same approach for the fonts and colours on the packaging. The latter has been kept bright, while the flavour note has a certain organic feel, keeping with Tova's essence. Our idea was to follow the same aesthetic that competitors have but to tweak and modernize it into something attractive that compels the customer to pick it up from the shelf.

By increasing the size and making the font legible, we prioritised the brand's visibility on a shelf full of the same kind of products. Placing the logo vertically also made it stand out.

This same idea has been used on their website as well. We prioritized the flavour notes and placed them on the homepage in such a way that when people scroll, one by one, the flavour and its design change.

Tova Products
Tova Infused Water PAckaging Before And After
Tova Cinnamon Water Packaging
Tova Ajwain Water Packaging
Tova, Cardomam water Packaging
Tova Clove Water
Tova Tulsi Water
Tova Add to Cart UI
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