AI in Digital Marketing: How It Is Transforming Brand Management?

Dhruvee Shah
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Artificial Intelligence or AI has taken the world of digital marketing by storm as more and more businesses are now focusing on leveraging the technology to boost their brand management strategies. When you hear the term “AI”, the first thought that strikes you is synthetic human consciousness, and you start relating the technology as portrayed in many sci-fi movies.

Keeping the fantasy world aside, AI is an avant-garde technology designed to perform tasks that require basic human intelligence, such as diagnosing problems, recognizing emotions and troubleshooting issues.

Understanding AI Marketing for Online Businesses

AI marketing is the process of capitalizing on AI technology to enhance the customer journey. Marketers all across the globe are trying to leverage AI marketing to improve the ROI (Return on Investment) of their online marketing campaigns. It uses AI features such as machine learning, big data analytics and other aspects to gather valuable insights into your targeted audiences. You can work on more efficient consumer touch points with the data evaluated. In other words, AI saves your time, effort and guesswork involved in understanding customer behaviour. Moreover, AI is key in customer interactions in email marketing and customer support sessions.

On a larger scale, AI technology can be introduced in your business to automate certain processes that were earlier dependent on humans. From web design and PPC ads to even content generation, there are many applications for AI marketing.

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Role of AI in Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, AI can revolutionize and revamp promotional campaigns by reducing the risk of basic human errors. Even though much of the online marketing industry still requires human ingenuity, introducing an AI program can generate analytical reports using simple data. Regardless, to truly understand the needs and wants of your customers, you will still require the human touch, especially during audience interactions. The reason is simple - machines still cannot emulate basic human attributes such as compassion, empathy and storytelling. However, there is no telling what AI holds for the future because one thing is for sure - human limitations do not restrict AI.

That being said, here are certain areas of brand management that AI has had a tremendous effect on since entering the mainstream industry of digital marketing:

Content Creation & Marketing

In this day and age, the world of content marketing has boomed into a massive industry globally. It is so prevalent that most marketers see it as the only form of marketing for audience engagement and brand management.

AI has spearheaded itself incredibly in content curation and generating valuable content. Once the content is developed, AI strategically channels them in front of the correct demography on the right platforms. While AI has already been in the game of automating content generation fundamentally, it has the potential to curate compelling topics for writers or even create basic drafts of write-ups using specific parameters.

AI-Based Digital Promotion

Regarding brand management, AI will keep playing a crucial role in the way businesses promote themselves. Currently, existing digital marketing practices such as SEO would not be possible without a basic form of AI. The technology focuses on “programmatic advertising” through automating the systems and tools for placing the right kinds of advertisements in front of the right audience leveraging big data and complex algorithms. Needless to say, brand management is all about targeting and promoting the right message, and AI can help brands in this creative endeavour by making the ads more effective.

Business to Business (B2B) buyers and consumers are tired of going through irrelevant ads as they close the ads and continue their browsing, resulting in advertisers and brands losing their money and effort. That is where AI tools can be effective, as the technology places ads only in front of relevant people, ensuring the return on investment.

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Smart Chatbots

Chatbots have been a game-changer for businesses that employ AI as a part of their brand management strategy. Already a common aspect on numerous websites, Chatbots have been phenomenal in responding to the frequently asked queries by customers.

The main attribute of Chatbots is their impact on the UI/UX of a website, and they have played a significant role in excelling overall customer experience. For most businesses, there are not enough resources or hours in the day to respond to the questions raised by the customers, while Chatbots have solved this issue by allowing customers to help themselves.

Irrespective of how fascinating AI and Chatbots are, they should not have the final call to solve customer issues as the human touch is required to generate responses. Nonetheless, Chatbots can uplift brand management through sales prospects, basic customer service and lead generation.

Final Thoughts

As more businesses look forward to employing AI in their brand advertising prospects, AI will soon become the backbone of most marketing strategies. After all, the web is like a massive behavioural playground where humans cannot possibly hope to predict everything.

Using machine learning and AI, Mellow Designs has been able to help multiple clients with insights gathered from predictive and behaviour analysis. If you are seeking AI investments for your branding, you can connect with our professionals, and we will be more than willing to listen to your objectives. Please check for more informative pieces like this as we keep updating you with news from the world of digital marketing and the latest trend & technology.

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