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As one of the best branding agency in Bangalore, Mellow Designs turns brands into experiences. We rework brand identities, create new brand images, and provide every other form of creative branding services. Our branding creative consultants focus on creating unique, original and aesthetic designs that make your brand stand out from the rest.


One of the top branding and advertising agency that helps you find your brand’s identity, enhance it, and establish your brand within the reach of your target audience.

Brand Positioning

Our range of branding services includes brand positioning where we make sure your brand stands out from the competitors in the market and has a USP which makes it more relatable to your target audience.

Visual Identity

Everyone judges by looks nowadays, so as a branding studio, we specialize in interpreting your idea and creating the perfect visual identity for your brand that shapes how it looks in front of potential customers.

Packaging Design

Our scope of branding services also includes establishing brand loyalty through brand impact and unique packaging which is essential for a business to grow.

Design Language System

As a top branding studio, we create visual languages for brands that blends the best of classic design principles with innovative practices fuelled by the latest technologies.

Naming & Verbal Identity

Our strategy as a branding studio is to add creativity to your brand's name to make it instantly recognizable and turn words into positive points of connection for your customers.

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UI/ UX Design, Branding


UI/ UX Design, Branding


UI/ UX Design, Branding

One of India’s Top Branding AgenciesFor Web & Mobile Apps

With a solid plan and well-defined strategies coupled with the Mellow touch, we create a strong foundation for your business to beat the competition and establish itself as one of the best in the market. For this purpose, we provide a range of branding services to make sure you get what you want.

Strategies for Branding

With the concept of multiple screens coming in, it is very difficult to fully grab your audience's attention. Nowadays, while one has the television open, they might also be checking their phones or browsing their laptops. You have only a few seconds to grab their attention with something catchy, something attractive so that they are interested enough to click. Therefore, you need branding strategies that make it happen for you. But what is brand strategy? It refers to the long-term plan that needs to be put in place and acted upon for a brand to survive the changing market trends and demands. Just like an architect sketches out a building plan before embarking on the actual construction, in the same way, Mellow Designs, as a branding studio, creates a whole set of strategies to make sure your brand is successfully established in the market. Here's a list of the best strategies we follow:

Strategize on the plan of action
Identify target audience and research their online behaviour 
Develop brand positioning, messaging system, name, logo, tagline 
Create a content marketing strategy
Create a website  

Scope of Branding

To understand the scope of branding creative services, it is essential to understand what a brand is. A brand is an entity that is set in reality but is a translation of the perceptions and ideas of the consumers. Therefore, the scope of branding is endless. Brands are very niche in their services and products, and no brand caters to not more than three-four types of audience. So it is crucial to position your brand with respect to every aspect like price, quality, status, etc. As one of the best branding company in Bangalore, we advise you to ask three questions to yourself before you start the branding process. First, what is the product, what does it do, and why should a customer buy it over the ones available in the market. Only when you have the answers to these questions you can successfully create a brand that stays. Mellow Design focuses on creating authentic brand images that attract customers, build brand loyalty, and generate results.

Professional Branding Company

The hard truth today is that everyone and everything is judged by how they look. Another fact is that the attention span of human beings is decreasing day by day. So it is all about first impressions, and you and your business have only that one chance to do it correctly. But although you may have the idea, you may not have the creative means or technical knowledge to translate that idea into something solid, something attractive. That is where Mellow Designs, one of the top branding agency in Bangalore, comes in. We provide you with the best branding creative services that use a solution-driven approach to help you reach your target audience better. We are also a brand logo design company that can create the perfect and compact visual representation of your idea while ensuring it stands out from the crowd. Unlike other branding and design agencies, we believe that selling is not a brand's be-all and end-all. You should also focus on creating a true identity for your brand, dictate your brand guidelines and strategize how to establish it in the market; communicating the essence is essential. Our list of branding clients includes Indeez, Helios, Millet Home, Tova, Spark, Fanfury, Quess and more.


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“Amet minim mollit non deserunt ullamco est sit aliqua dolor do amet sint. Velit officia consequat duis enim velit mollit. Exercitation veniam consequat.”

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