Cost of Bad Branding

Dhruvee Shah
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Branding is the practice of instilling a strong, favourable image of a business, its goods or services, in the minds of the masses by fusing features such as logo, design, mission statement, and a recurring theme throughout all marketing materials.

The Importance Of Branding

A distinctive branding may significantly affect your customer loyalty by offering you an edge over your competitors and assisting you in acquiring and retaining clients at a far lesser cost. Especially with new businesses popping up every day, it is now more important than ever to connect with customers and help them relate to your brand.

However, poor branding can actually be worse than no branding at all. It could make customers think poorly of your business and negatively impact their experience. Representing your company's beliefs, ethics, and mission via branding is who you are; poor branding can harm your company's reputation and credibility. Therefore, it is always suggested to hire a branding agency like Mellow Designs to help with branding.

But what factors as bad branding?

A Poorly Designed Logo

An unclear, overly complicated logo or not instantly recognisable might do no good for your company. Usually, a simple optical illusion changes the logo into something wholly unexpected and unusual. There are frequently unwanted connotations that might negatively affect branding. It shows how crucial it is to make the right choice when selecting a logo that conveys the idea to your audience.

Poor Web Design

Bad design decisions result in unpleasant user experiences when they access your site, which is bad for your brand. It causes mistrust between customers and brands, which in turn results in a poor perception of the brand and eventually a loss of potential sales. Thus, a strong internet presence is necessary. Investing in web design is worthwhile because it makes it possible for small enterprises, in particular, to reach a wider audience. It results in a greater audience, a broader influence, and more sales opportunities.

Social Media

Simply having a social media page does not suffice. Your users or customers need and deserve regular, timely information from you. But they will get disinterested if you use your social media page like nothing more than an electronic billboard and publish nothing but promotional material for your goods or other self-serving material. Additionally, you risk creating the wrong impression if you don't update frequently. If someone visits your Facebook profile and sees that you haven't updated it in two months, they skip over or, worse still, believe you've stopped doing business.

How To Avoid Bad Branding?

Carelessly created logos, commercials with accidentally hidden meaning, and other mistakes that are visible in retrospect can affect your business for years to come. It is challenging to analyse performance precisely because it is widespread and varied; however, there are a few indicators that can help you judge:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): It compiles customer feedback
  • Share of Voice: It evaluates the proportion of talk in your industry that revolves around your brand
  • Brand Recall: It gauges how frequently people think of your brand when considering your sector.

Evolve & Adapt

In today's times, trends are continually changing. The pandemic has especially changed the whole ecosystem of business. Therefore, when it comes to strategy, it's crucial to keep it versatile and resilient, take reasonable risks, anticipate changes and modify accordingly. However, while doing so, you must be careful not to move away from the initial idea. Your brand can evolve, but it should still be connected to what it started out to do. If you can market your brand honourably while maintaining consistency with your messaging, it should be able to adjust and get through any problems that may arise in the modern world.

Think Long Term

In this case, as a brand's owner, you must be capable of asking some challenging questions as to what your brand will be in a few years. What improvements may we expect for your goods or services? In "a few years", how will your demographics change?

The good news is that you can answer these queries by establishing short-term goals for your brand. Put efforts toward a set of standard goals to help you realise your brand's vision and, more importantly, achieve your long-term objectives earlier than you had anticipated, which, in turn, grants you long-term success.

Be Relatable To The Target Audience

Understanding how to engage with target audiences is challenging when you have not researched properly. It's essential to look into the psychology of your customers to learn how to engage customers emotionally and create successful encounters. To draw in as many people as possible, designs must be accessible and inclusive, but above all, attractive.

False Advertising & Promises

The bulk of popular brands is built on authenticity. Brands that "fake it" can succeed, too, but doing so risks your customers will eventually find out and turn on you.

A good example is consumers becoming increasingly interested in businesses that practise sustainability and hold themselves accountable for it. However, the practice of "greenwashing," which is deceptive, immoral, and unsustainable for your company, perfectly illustrates how brands imitate trends and dupe their consumers.

Importance Of Branding Agency To Avoid Bad Branding

So, by now, it is clear that branding is as important as anything else for a business to flourish. Bad branding can result in loss of brand value, sales and market share. Therefore, investing and getting the right people who will help you connect with your target audience is essential.

Any brand, big or small, must select a top-notch branding studio and leverage its knowledge and expertise. A good design team assists and adds to a project's aesthetics. The designers know their job, understand trends and can deliver exactly what you want to convey to your target audience.

If you are looking for a branding agency, or you want to improve your user experience on your website, you can contact Mellow Designs. At Mellow Designs, we create a brand imagery that resonates with your target audience and shall make your brand stand out and get noticed in the online market.

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