The First 5 Things Your Visitors Want To See When They Land On Your Website

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A visitor comes to your website with a specific objective in mind. They want to be able to locate what they're searching for quickly and effortlessly, whether it's to find out more about your company, buy a product, or read your most recent blog post. When developing and building a website, the most crucial factor to consider is what your visitors will want to view and how to entice them to stay longer on the website and reduce the bounce rate.

The following are some of the most effective ways to engage people on your website and keep them there longer so they may read more of your content:

A Clear and Captivating Heading:

Your headline should catch the attention of the reader and make it abundantly apparent what the purpose of your website is. It should be clearly visible above the fold and simple to read. A user must be able to get a clear idea of what the webpage offers them and what information they must expect.

Nothing is more irritating than coming to a website, scrolling down the page, and still not understanding what the business does. It's annoying, and some visitors won't even bother to scroll down; if they can't quickly find the essential information on your main page, they'll leave.

Contact Information:

A lot of users are interested in ways they can contact your business. It could be to raise an inquiry, give feedback, register a complaint or get information about your business. Therefore, make sure that your website prominently displays contact information and is simple to access contact information.

Contact options you must include are an email address, social network links, a phone number, an address, and a contact form.

What People are Saying About You

Visitors are inquisitive about what others are saying about your organization. Include endorsements or reviews from your customers to help establish credibility. People seldom take financial risks; instead, they prefer to ensure their purchases come from reliable, time-tested sources.

The easiest approach to block any worries is to assuage them as soon as they arrive at your website! You may include product reviews, testimonials all across your website, and a list of sites where your company has been mentioned (online, press etc.).

All these things demonstrate that previous clients or customers enjoyed doing business with you or making purchases from you, making it much simpler for website visitors to have faith in you.

Quality of Images, Videos & User Experience

High-quality photos and videos are essential since visitors want to see how your company appears and learn what it's like to work with you. Use top-notch photos and videos to highlight your staff, services, and goods.

Regardless of the device they are using, visitors want to have a great experience on your website. Confirm that your website is built to function properly on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Shipping, Delivery & Return Policy:

It is actually necessary to provide your shipping information and returns/exchange policy, as this is a legal obligation for e-commerce websites. Do not bury this information in the footer content of your website. Make sure it is explicit on each product page. Information about - how much shipping will cost and how soon customers can estimate receiving their order.

Include shipping costs, shipping timeframes, what consumers should do if they don't receive their orders, a returns/exchanges policy, and contact information on a distinct delivery/shipping information page.


Overall, the trick to creating a website that users would appreciate is to bear in mind their demands and preferences. You may increase the likelihood that visitors will want to remain and learn more about your company by concentrating on creating a clear, simple-to-use, and aesthetically pleasing website.

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