Top 5 Reasons Why Premade Logo Is Not Effective For Your Business

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A logo serves as a company's visual representation of its brand. To improve brand recognition, the logos must be unique and distinctive. Many firms choose to employ premade logos that are frequently found while designing a brand logo. These premade logos are relatively cheap, and thus businesses opt for them. But are these logos acceptable for your business? Will it be a hindrance to your business growth? Read this article to know why you must avoid premade logos for your business.

Why Is A Customised Brand Logo Important?

A brand logo serves as its brand identification and can leave a favourable or unfavourable impression on prospective customers. A business logo design is a medium to visually express your company's mission, basic principles, and services you provide. Your clients will remember a well-designed brand logo, which has the potential to make a lasting impact.

In contrast to other marketing materials like flyers and brochures, which have a finite shelf life, logos are highly significant. The content and design are not so useful after the advertising campaign ends. Regardless of how unique your design is, customers tend to forget them. But in the case of your business logo design, it is different as it has a longer lifespan than any other marketing material.

The premade business logo design makes a poor impression on your business, harming your reputation if you are a visionary business looking to establish your brand. The font style or colour of premade logos can be slightly changed to create the logo. Companies select these logos because it is affordable and readily available.

What Do You Mean By A Premade Logo?

Premade logos are created with no particular firm or organisation in mind; instead, they are manufactured in large quantities and made accessible online for anybody to buy or use as they see fit. Here the business does not invest in any logo design studio to exclusively create a customised logo for the particular company. These premade logos are frequently available for low rates and can be utilised immediately, which is one of the main reasons they appeal to specific individuals. Therefore, the premade logos do not grant you or your company exclusive rights.

Dangers Of Premade Logos

Following are the top 5 reasons why a premade brand logo is dangerous for your business growth:

Generic Logo

Premade logos frequently have a generic design and need to convey a clear set of principles or a logical design process that upholds the philosophy of the business. Given that they are not created with any particular organisation or objective in mind, that is to be expected. As a result, the quality of the brand logo reduces drastically. Premade logos are unoriginal and fail to give your company a distinct identity. There is also a significant chance that another company already uses a logo similar to yours. 

Works Temporarily

Purchasing a premade brand logo is merely a short-term solution. Hiring a professional logo design studio may seem pricey compared to the cost of a downloadable template. Still, as your business expands, you will eventually need to rebrand and have a unique logo.

It is preferable to initially hire a logo designer from a good logo design studio to set up a trademark. Remember! It is a one-time investment. Customised brand logos can be maintained permanently so that the money won't be wasted. In fact, a well-designed logo will boost your brand's trust and recognition among customers, increasing the likelihood that your business will succeed.

Legal Rights

Different platforms use different legal frameworks when offering premade logos, so ownership of a premade logo becomes a complicated matter. Some platforms may copy content from artists and sell it online to other people if they lack legal permission. If you are one of those people who has unknowingly purchased a logo that has been stolen, it can become an expensive legal matter to resolve if the artist discovers you are using their creation without permission.

Professional logo design studios will grant you ownership rights and exclusive rights to the logo when you hire them to create a custom brand logo, something you cannot do with a premade logo. Protecting your brand requires trademarking both your company name and logo. Without a trademark, anyone can open up a business in your niche using your name and do business similar to yours.

Displays Unprofessionalism

Although you might wish to cut costs, it's important to remember that your business's identity is represented by its logo. A generic logo will only be able to convey the essence of your brand. It must convey your brand's history and reveal your firm's core principles. Premade logos have less knowledge and experience behind them as they are not made by experts who understand design principles and consumer psychology, nor are they made with the particular interests of your business in mind. It also displays the lack of owner's investment in the brand or company. 

Restricted Accessibility

The majority of downloaded premade logos have a fixed format and structure, with no thought given to how they would be used in extreme sizes. In every colour you may imagine, from print to screen, large to tiny, professional logo design studios put much effort into ensuring that their logos are usable in various situations. Many premade business logo designs lack this aspect.

For business owners that need to have relatively small logos near the bottom of products or promotional materials, this is a persistent problem. All you have to do to solve this is to decide the size and shape of your logo, hire a professional logo design studio, explain your needs and get the brand logo customised according to your requirement.

To Conclude…

Your brand's personality can be defined with a custom brand logo, which could increase consumer appeal. A strong brand logo sets your company from the competition and makes an excellent first impression. It distinguishes your brand and helps consumers identify it, just like Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, McDonald's, etc. A logo gives a visual element that consumers instantly connect with the business. Therefore, having a customised business logo design rather than a premade logo is significant for your business to develop.


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