Redefining customer experience for India's largest car-care store

You would think that after being in the industry for a decade, nothing can rock your customer loyalty. However, with new competitors popping up, 3M, a stalwart in the car service market, was beginning to lose their hold. Despite having 100+ stores across India and offering ceramic coating, they failed to hold on to their customers. The problem was that being an old company, they lacked the fresh, modern appearance to attract today’s crowd. So, to set themselves apart from their competitors and reposition themselves as an elite player in the car-care industry, 3M approached Mellow Designs. 

Brand Strategy
Brand messaging
UX + Visual Design
Art Direction
Packaging Design

Their brochure lacked appeal, while the visuals on their current store branding and hoardings ads did not convey their USP well. 3M wanted a more niche communication in terms of their visual content but simple and easy enough for the customers.

Mellow Designs reworked their communication in print, digital and ads. Every touchpoint of the customer, from entering the 3M store and looking at the store banners to the brochure for when they ask for product information to their digital handovers, standees, leaflets, flyers, all the collaterals around ceramic coating were revamped to provide a better customer experience.

The previous imagery was non-relatable to the customer and not in sync with 3M’s brand identity. We tried to help visually connect with the customers by explaining in detail how the products worked and how they were applied with 3D illustrations. We unified the communication and ensured they could connect with their customers.

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