Whipping up a brand-new formula for an up and coming bakery

The online food delivery market is now slowly being taken over by cloud kitchens. One such name is Cravoury, a bakery that makes delicious cakes, crunchy biscuits and indulgent chocolates, but all using savoury ingredients. However, with so many patisseries in the market, Cravoury needed help reaching out to its target audience and setting itself apart.

Brand Identity
Art Direction
Packaging Design

That is when Cravoury approached Mellow Designs to help position itself in the market and create a unique visual identity. They wanted to revamp themselves. We started by recreating the name of the brand, which was earlier called ‘Tree of Life’. While the latter sounded intense and failed to connect with customers, ‘Cravoury’, ideated by us, had a much more playful and modern ring. It is a play on the words ‘savoury’ and ‘craving’, both of which resonate with the brand.

The customers of Cravoury are mostly elite individuals who want to indulge in refined and luxurious experiences. To help them connect with the right audience, we designed the products to be aesthetically pleasing and artistic. The muted pastel palette we chose for them perfectly synced with the brand’s revamped identity.

We reworked the product photographs and used a modern typeface, placing the product name front and centre rather than the brand name.

Apart from this, we also designed their packaging and worked on photography for their collateral and collectives. Adding a subtle gold finish to the designs lent the brand the rich, luxurious appeal that would attract their elite customers.

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