Magical makeover for a crypto-based gaming platform
What We Did
Brand Naming
Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Packaging Design

A visionary who wants to dazzle their audience with new and exciting experiences by making their dreams come true. They like to take them on a mystical journey and give them magical moments that will stick in their memory.

We started by creating a brand archetype based on a magician. On the other hand, the aesthetic we chose for Fanfury was cyberpunk with neon colours to represent a world taken over by technology. We superimposed this with human elements and characters. Guidelines for static images, motion graphics, the look of the scoreboard and how language should be implemented across their social media apps were also provided.

The dashboard was designed so that users could onboard by themselves and immediately start playing from the app.

"We didn't want to change the face of our brand, the fury in Fanfury. Mellow team understood that and ensured our revamped identity still had the rage and fire, giving us the confidence to go global & connect with our audience."

- Adrian Ross, CEO, FanFury

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