Boosting Sales Like Never Before For A Real Estate Brand

How do you convince hundreds of people to buy a house with a campaign on a limited budget? You create a campaign that cleverly uses the face of a renowned historical figure free of cost.

Brand Messaging
Art Direction

The Big 72-Hour Home Fest was an epic campaign by Mellow Designs in collaboration with Sankalp Communications. Chanakya is considered to be one of the wisest figures in Indian history. We used his legacy and created a graphic to convince the masses to save big on buying their properties with Puravankara. The idea of scholars is a crowd-puller in India, so the concept worked like magic. 

Posted on hoardings across the city and on the front page of major newspapers, the ad sold over 900 homes in 72 hours. It’s no wonder that the campaign also ran its third edition in four other metro cities.

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