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In an oversaturated fashion market, how can a brand resale and circularity facilitator stand out and establish itself as the trusted platform for buying and selling pre-loved clothing, fostering a community of conscious consumers? Relove, a leading online platform for preloved fashion, needed a website that not only showcased its curated collection but also conveyed its brand identity and resonated with its eco-conscious audience. 


Relove creates resale technology designed to reduce waste in fashion while building brand loyalty and fostering customer acquisition. The brand creates digital factory outlets to help brands liquidate the damaged inventory and currently works with 40 brands in categories including women's apparel, men's apparel, children’s wear, and jewelry.

What we did: 

We built a website where we adopted a user-centric approach, conducting user research to understand Relove's target audience and their online shopping preferences. Based on the insights, we designed a website that showcased the beauty and versatility of preloved clothing, facilitated effortless browsing and purchasing and highlighted environmental benefits of choosing preloved fashion.

Thought Process: 

The website design focused on creating a sense of discovery and excitement, encouraging users to explore the diverse collection of preloved treasures. We balanced clean aesthetics with a touch of personality, reflecting Relove's unique brand identity. 


Since the launch of the new website, Relove has raised $700,000 in pre-seed funding.

The new website witnessed a significant increase in traffic and user engagement. It has empowered Relove to continue its mission of inspiring conscious fashion choices and promoting a more sustainable future for the fashion industry

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