Tastefully done identity for a
healthy breakfast brand.

In metro cities, people tended to skip breakfast because of their hectic schedules and to compensate they pick up ready-to-eat breakfast filled with preservatives. Millet Home recognized this gap and came up with 100% organic, non-preservative ready-to-eat food to encourage healthy eating. Although they were flanked by a lot of competitors, the latter were catering only to older generations, completely missing out that the demand for organic food had permeated every age group. Millet Home stepped in to capture the younger crowd with a visual identity that was peppy and fresh.

Brand Messaging
Art Direction
Packaging Design

The packaging for Millet Home was designed in a way that all the important features that will grab the attention of a customer were placed on the top of the layout.

Scaling that up with bright, peppy colours, we made Millet Home’s packaging fit for a young brand that caters to the young crowd. 

We reworked the product photographs and used a modern typeface, placing the product name front and centre rather than
the brand name.

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