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For a long time, humans have only been taking from the Earth while giving back nothing but waste. But now, the scene is changing; with each passing day, people are becoming conscious of the need for sustainability and introducing it into their daily life. Oreka is a brand that wants to introduce sustainable lifestyle products in the market to create awareness.

However, the challenge was to portray Oreka as a quirky but sporty label. Their competitors were not other sustainable brands but other sports brands. They approached Mellow Designs to help position themselves in the market in front of the correct audience. We started by researching their target audience and understanding what they wanted.

We provided Oreka with a brand positioning service, followed by creating a visual identity. We created a mood board and their logo. The latter was a simple font, while its typeface had a futuristic appeal, with a smaller height but broader size. The logo was also incorporated into the brand identity. The ‘O’ of Oreka expanded on the website to focus on whatever the cursor was pointing.

Meanwhile, Oreka’s palette consisted of pastel but lively colours that looked fresh and subtle. The styling and imagery of their shelf also had a modern vibe. We also designed their packaging and storefront following the same visual identity.

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