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The evolution of technology brings medical diagnosis to your home, letting you check your health from the comforts of your living room. With Spark, the home diagnostic company, you can now test and track the multiple parameters of your body.

Spark wanted to create a mass appeal and relaunch its brand backed by proper positioning and correct research. That is where Mellow stepped in and analysed in depth Spark's target audience, where their competitors are standing, and where Spark has to go. We understood their meta positioning and where to position ourselves from a B2B and B2C perspective.

Mellow also worked on the Spark app- where they had multiple apps for every test, we unified it under one platform. The customer can just download the app, and with the ecosystem we have put in place, they can now take the test, see the results and share it with their doctors. In fact, along with keeping track of their body, they can also track their parents' health.

At the core level, Spark deals with liquids and this was translated into the key identifier for the brand. With this concept of fluidity in mind, we extended the visual language to Spark's logo, website, mobile app, content, illustrations, packaging, brochures, ads, and every other graphical component.

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