Motion Identity

Crafting your brand's identity to perfection.
From dynamic logo animations to captivating motion graphics, we breathe life into your brand's story, ensuring it resonates with your audience across all digital platforms.
What We Offer
At Mellow, we design captivating animations, dynamic graphics and visual effects that set your brand apart. From logo animations to storytelling, we ensure each motion element aligns with your brand's personality.

Logo Animation

Transforming your static logo into a dynamic, animated visual element for greater brand impact.

Motion Graphics

Designing eye-catching visual effects and animated graphics for videos, presentations, and digital content.

Video Branding

Developing consistent visual styles and templates to maintain brand identity across video content.

Character Animation

Creating animated characters that represent your brand and engage your audience.

Motion Strategy Consulting

Crafting a strategic approach to align your motion identity with your brand's messaging and objectives.

Who We Are

As a leading Motion Graphics & Brand Identity Company, we specialize in crafting dynamic and immersive brand experiences through Motion Identity. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating captivating motion graphics into your brand's visual identity. With a keen understanding of the synergy between motion and branding, we create narratives that resonate. Whether it's animated logos, kinetic typography or visual storytelling, our Motion Identity service ensures your brand stands out in today's dynamic digital landscape. Partner with us to redefine your brand's visual language and make a lasting impression. Explore the limitless possibilities of Motion Graphics Brand Identity with our dedicated team.

Let’s shake things up.
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