Glass Suites

Building a brand as transparent as it’s coworking spaces.
What We Did
Identity Design
Website Design + Development

Offering spacious high-end office spaces with glass walls at affordable rates, we designed the brand from the ground up.

The challenge at the time of designing the logo was to capture the essence of the brand within the logo in a subtle and not so obvious manner. With several doodles and iterations, we were able to incorporate the glass door/wall in the name of the brand.

The concept of co-working spaces has become quite popular in the last few years, and Glass Suites was looking to establish itself in the market. They offer spacious high-end offices with glass walls at affordable rates. Based in the US and functioning in Texas and other states, they wanted to create a brand identity that would set them apart from other co-working spaces. They tried to define their USP- glass suites. Instead of the usual walled and closed-up office spaces, Glass Suites has an open and transparent enclosure that retains its privacy.

For the Glass Suites website, the approach we took was to create a website that could take up the customers' requirements. It offered customisation options we conveyed through an explainer video that we made. The website also shows a planned seating to the customer once they click on 'Get Quote’.

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