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Strolli, a new venture in the travel & hospitality industry, sought a brand identity that would resonate with people looking for bespoke experiences. Their mission is to take luxury travel to the next level by ensuring that every node is connected, allowing you to experience the best journeys. Their goal is to cater to the desires of luxury travellers who seek a distinctive and personalised journey. 

Forget the predictable itineraries and oversubscribed hotspots. Strolli is your passport to a realm where luxury redefines itself, and exploration becomes an act of self-discovery. 

We took a design approach that’s both modern and timeless. This translated into a visual language that’s clean, sophisticated, exclusive and elegant, ultimately forging a connection with their target audience. The breathtaking visuals evoke a sense of awe and inspiration, reflecting the fine taste of their clientele. This not only helped the brand stand out from its competitors but captured the essence of Strolli: To offer unmatched, exclusive travel experiences to the ones who seek the rare. 

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