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A custom CRM experience for Titan's employees to boost engagement
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The brand Titan is a popular name in the Indian market, and its industry covers watches, apparel, home furnishing, spectacles and more. Needless to say, it also means Titan has a huge multitude of employees, starting from industrial-level production units to executives and managers who are working on different projects. The challenge they faced was onboarding new employees seamlessly, better project management, and overall unifying the HR department through one portal. 

We designed an application called Titan CRM where all the users can log in to check their attendance, leaves, coupons, projects, company policies, and more. It helped them understand their status within the company and feel more connected to the company as a whole. The new design made everything very swift and agile

We strategized on how to construct a good framework and user flow. We created two sections within the portal- one for HR and one for the employees. A unique feature of the portal is 'Mood of the Day', which comes right on top of the page when you log in. Employees can just click on it, and eventually, HR can assess the work satisfaction level within the company.

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